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We assist with buying and selling profitable and distressed businesses


Acquire a business or sell your business​

Our in-house team and our associates all have an extensive understanding of M&A and experience in the SME and mid-market levels.
We have live buyer contacts across most industries with mandates to research, seek and initiate discussions to acquire. We are in touch with most M&A advisory firms and business brokers around the UK, plus buyer groups from abroad.

On the buy-side

You may be representing a company that is seeking to consolidate its presence within the industry; you may be a private equity group that is looking for value investments, or perhaps an entrepreneur with particular skills seeking to buy in and rescue a distressed business.
Right now, there are many UK industries in which speedy organic growth is very difficult to achieve. In these areas, acquisitions are the only route to accelerate growth and create shareholder value.

We understand the art of the deal. We work with people who are less interested in the cost of the target business than the value of it. For these people we identify and close what are often lucrative deals. Over the years we have seen acquisitions that have succeeded and some that have failed. One learns a lot from this experience. We pay a lot of attention to understanding exactly what the acquisition requirements are, and to ensure the buyer can see a clear path to create value. In addition to to acquisition intelligence and deal-making expertise, we can help to line up and orchestrate the necessary financial resources.

On the sell-side

It’s always a difficult decision to let go of a business you have nurtured and grown. That’s one of the reasons it is important to seriously think about this event in advance, maybe a couple years if possible. Planning to sell your business with an experienced adviser will enable you to maximise the chances of getting an optimum outcome, plus it will give you time to get used to the idea and prepare for the next phase in your life. Ideally the decision to sell will not be sudden, but sometimes ill-health or unforeseen circumstances can necessitate a fast sale.

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